connect create collaborate

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and collective intelligence. Our professional journey is a story of connections, co-creation and cooperation between people, organisations and countries.


Facilitation is the art of designing, organizing, and guiding the discussion process constructively in a group.


Mediation is a voluntary process where an impartial party assist individuals or groups in overcoming their different by focusing on their needs and interests.​

Skills development in conflict management​

Conflict management skills is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.​

We accompany teams and managers in public, parapublic and private institutions in their learning and development processes towards forms of organization and leadership anchored in collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Passionate about collaboration and collective learning, Marie Marchand is a professional facilitator and a certified mediator with 20 years of experience working in the field of international cooperation.